A Reliable Dentist Helps Maintain Mesa Dental Health at Ideal Levels

In order to combat the development of dental problems like periodontitis and dental carries, people must be active in taking care of their teeth. Regular and thorough brushing and flossing will ensure high dental health. Cutting down on sugary foods and alcohol will protect the teeth as well.

Moreover, it is important for Mesa residents to visit a reputable Mesa dental center to help keep their teeth healthy. A dental practice like Alluring Smiles will impede and prevent the development of dental disease and keep the mouth healthy.

Low intake on sugary foods and drinks can only do so much. It is important for those truly concerned about their teeth to consult a reliable dentist to help keep their mouths in check.


How Your Skilled Mesa, AZ Dentist Can Help You Keep Cavities Away

If you had to guess which chronic ailment children suffer from the most, what would you say? Asthma? Food allergies? Actually, it’s cavities. According to experts, cavities are 5 times more common than asthma among children.

In most cases, your child’s bi-annual visit to a Mesa dentist will result in a routine cleaning. This is an important method for preventing cavities because the dentist will remove any debris or plaque build-up that your child’s toothbrush couldn’t clear.

Take note that while these methods were presented as solutions for preventing cavities in children, these methods are also highly recommended for adults. Don’t forget that cavities can strike anyone at any time, so it’s best to be prepared.

Emergency Dentist in Mesa, AZ will Help Individuals Keep Their Smiles

The competition is sure to encourage a lot of people to join and read up on different methods for beautifying their teeth. More importantly, it stresses the importance of having a reliable emergency dentist in Mesa, AZ to help people who experience dental problems.

There are different reasons why people sustain dental damage. One of the most common reasons is the fact that they don’t brush and floss frequently. Furthermore, food and lifestyle choices, such as wine, sugary foods, and teeth grinding can easily stain and/or damage teeth.

Trusted Mesa Dentist Can Help Children and Parents Keep Their Smiles

Tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic illness that strikes children. If dental woes are left untreated, they could lead to malnutrition and bacterial infections that can become dangerous for the child. This does not even put into consideration the expenses involved in restoring and healing a child’s tooth.

The aforementioned effects of tooth decay on children are some of the biggest reasons why families should go to a reliable dentist in Mesa to take care of their dental woes. One of the primary (and most obvious) benefits of going to the dentist is the swift and sure alleviation of dental problems by a professional.

Averting the Gum Disease Threat with Help from a Dentist in Mesa, AZ

Some residents of West or East Mesa may be part of the above statistic. Periodontal disease is a potential harbinger of other illnesses that could prove detrimental to a person’s overall health. Fortunately, you have the power to prevent such dangers to yourself by consulting a general dentist from Mesa, AZ like Alluring Smiles’ Dr. Javier Portocarerro, DMD, for the appropriate solutions.

An inspection of your gums by your preferred dental practitioner may reveal if you have gingivitis or periodontitis. Gingivitis may be the case when your gums bleed often and your toothbrush has traces of blood on the bristles; on the other hand, it may be periodontitis when the gums expose more of the teeth root. However, the article notes the pain does not manifest until either type of periodontal disease is at a later stage and much of the jawbone has deteriorated.

Dentist in Mesa, Arizona Reminds Adults to Get Regular Dental Checkups

Fortunately practitioners like Dr. Javier Portocarrero, a leading dentist in Mesa, Arizona, offers financing options, like installment plans and the CareCredit program, so patients can get the treatments they need without worrying about the cost.

On the flipside, many patients can afford to see a dentist but choose not to because of fear. A lot of times, they forgo checkups until they need the services of an emergency dentist in Mesa, AZ, as when a tooth suddenly becomes unbearably painful. Luckily for these patients, many practitioners now offer sedation dentistry by administering nitrous oxide gas or intravenous sedatives. These methods induce a relaxed state, so patients can undergo any dental procedure without discomfort.

Longtime Dentist in Mesa, AZ Discusses OTC Tooth Whitening Products

Dr. Javier Portocarrero, a longtime Mesa dentist and proprietor of the Alluring Smiles practice, says that while OTC whiteners can be effective for some, professional whitening should still be a patient’s first option. That’s because whitening kits often have strips or trays that are either too big or too small for a person’s mouth. As such, the peroxide from the products can get too close to the gums, potentially damaging them. Another issue is that these kits can aggravate existing dental problems. For example, the bleach can creep into an abscess and trigger pain, if not infection.

Hence, it is important to consult a trusted dentist in Mesa, AZ first if you want to whiten your teeth. They can provide options that allow you to safely and effectively achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. After all, tooth whitening is still a dental procedure, and it requires the supervision of a professional.