Remedies to Relieve Toothaches Long Enough to See Mesa, AZ Dentists

Head over to the nearest pharmacy and ask for clove oil. The chemical composition of clove oil allows it to numb your tooth and provide you temporary relief from toothaches.

Use this method with caution and as directed by the instruction of the label. Ingesting clove oil in large amounts can lead to dangerous side effects. If you decide that it is too risky, you can ask for a numbing gel similar to what Mesa, AZ dentists use, which you can rub along your gums and tooth.

Take note, however, that these methods only bring temporary relief, which should be enough time to set an appointment with one of the many experienced dentists in Mesa, AZ like Dr. Portocarrero. If the pain is so severe that it keeps you awake at night, make sure to see your dentist ASAP. It may be a sign that you have an abscessed tooth. Delaying treatment can result in the death of the nerve within your tooth and infections occurring along the jaw and neck.


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