Dentist in Mesa, Arizona Reminds Adults to Get Regular Dental Checkups

Fortunately practitioners like Dr. Javier Portocarrero, a leading dentist in Mesa, Arizona, offers financing options, like installment plans and the CareCredit program, so patients can get the treatments they need without worrying about the cost.

On the flipside, many patients can afford to see a dentist but choose not to because of fear. A lot of times, they forgo checkups until they need the services of an emergency dentist in Mesa, AZ, as when a tooth suddenly becomes unbearably painful. Luckily for these patients, many practitioners now offer sedation dentistry by administering nitrous oxide gas or intravenous sedatives. These methods induce a relaxed state, so patients can undergo any dental procedure without discomfort.


Longtime Dentist in Mesa, AZ Discusses OTC Tooth Whitening Products

Dr. Javier Portocarrero, a longtime Mesa dentist and proprietor of the Alluring Smiles practice, says that while OTC whiteners can be effective for some, professional whitening should still be a patient’s first option. That’s because whitening kits often have strips or trays that are either too big or too small for a person’s mouth. As such, the peroxide from the products can get too close to the gums, potentially damaging them. Another issue is that these kits can aggravate existing dental problems. For example, the bleach can creep into an abscess and trigger pain, if not infection.

Hence, it is important to consult a trusted dentist in Mesa, AZ first if you want to whiten your teeth. They can provide options that allow you to safely and effectively achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. After all, tooth whitening is still a dental procedure, and it requires the supervision of a professional.

Can a Mesa Dental Care Practice Help Your Chances of Finding Love?

If you have a tooth or two missing, it doesn’t mean that the love boat has sailed forever beyond your grasp. A Mesa dental care practice like Alluring Smile offers many prosthodontic options to replace lost teeth.

In cases where a missing teeth is between two healthy ones, a dentist can prepare a dental bridge to fill the gap and restore proper chewing function. You can also get dental implants from Mesa, AZ practitioners as an alternative. In this procedure, titanium posts are implanted into the jaw; once they integrate with the jawbone, dental crowns are then screwed on top of them. Dentures are a viable option too, especially for those looking to replace multiple teeth without spending too much money.

Mesa Dental Center: The Month of April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Having to go through toothaches and other related dental conditions can really be such a pain. Ideally, folks should visit their dentists at least twice a year to make sure that all is good with their oral health. Unfortunately, most people tend to wait until the pain is unbearable before they set an appointment with their dentist. Some cases, however, are more serious than the typical dental cavities. There are those who have already developed oral cancer, and they still don’t know it yet.

Having awareness on the disease is an important element to help ensure the campaign against it. With proper knowledge and information, people can prevent oral cancer from happening to them in the first place. Regular consultation with a reliable dental center in Mesa should also improve the chances for prevention, as well as regular brushing, flossing, and refraining from tobacco and other harmful substances.

Mesa, AZ Dentists: Studies Find a Need to Reclassify Periodontitis

Dentists in Mesa, AZ practice many techniques to help their patients maintain a healthy dental lifestyle. Aside from the cosmetic procedures that realign and restore teeth to its proper form, dentists also help with the general cleaning of their patients’ teeth to prevent diseases and infections from building up in their mouths. In some serious cases, these dental professionals also perform deep cleaning methods to remove large build up of plaque from the teeth and gums. Deep cleaning also repairs and heals the damage done by Periodontitis.

Advancements in the dental practices have allowed practitioners to utilize modern technology to help patients give off a proper smile. With it also comes the ability to discover new diseases and illnesses that will need to be dealt with immediately. Fortunately, dentists from Mesa AZ keep up-to-date with developments, thereby allowing them to provide the best dental care their patients deserve.

Tooth Cavities: Most Common Reason to Visit a Dentist in Mesa, AZ

Tooth decay is mainly caused by two reasons: a sugary diet or the presence of bacteria in the mouth. The former is arguably the most common since majority of the foods that people consume today have a high sugar and starch content. Cavities in the teeth are a telltale sign of tooth decay, although people don’t usually notice them until they view their teeth and gums on a mirror. Toothaches are another symptom of tooth decay, although it is safe to assume that the disease has worsened if it has reached this point.

Severe toothache is a symptom of tooth abscess and this demands the immediate attention of an experienced dentist in Mesa or elsewhere. In this condition, the cavities may already contain pus that needs to be removed, otherwise the bacteria will be able to reach the more sensitive areas of the mouth (i.e. the jaw or blood vessels) and cause an infection there. Root canal treatments can treat tooth abscesses in most cases, although surgery could also be necessary.